Mats Zuccarello 1-On-1: "This Is Where I Want To Be"

Mats Zuccarello heads into training camp as an important player in the Rangers plans for 2013-14, and he is thrilled to be back with the team---one he says he "loves". The Rangers' second leading scorer in last spring's playoffs with seven points in 12 games, Zuccarello chatted one-on-one with's Jim Cerny about how much playing in the KHL last year helped him grow both as a player and as a person, how thrilled he was over the summer knowing he was returning to the Rangers, how his confidence has grown with increased responsibility on the ice, what fun things he did this summer, and how "it's all about the good looks during the summer".

Watch and enjoy this one-on-one with the personable Mats Zuccarello, then share your comments below.