Gordie Clark Talks Draft (Part 1)

Gordie Clark has been with the Rangers organization for 11 seasons and has served as the club's Director of Player Personnel since July of 2007. He orchestrates the Rangers draft efforts, as well as oversees all aspects of the professional and amateur scouting departments within the organization.

Like clockwork each year before the draft Clark sits down with Jim Cerny from BlueshirtsUnited.com to discuss the upcoming draft, as well as the current prospects within the team's system.

In Part One of this year's four-part conversation, Gordie Clark answers questions from Jim and from Rangers fans about the Rangers drafting philosophy while not owning a pick until the third round of the 2013 NHL Draft and what his strategy will be, among other topics.

See what Gordie Clark says in Part One of his interviewe, then share your comments below.