Captain's Quotebook

“ It's not so bad, it's just the swelling around it---it hit me in a tough spot. I have taken harder shots off my feet before and been fine, but this hit me in the wrong spot. Right now I can't get my foot into a skate. ”
- Ryan Callahan
“ Yeah, you get a little bit nervous until you get those x-rays back. You get a little pit in your stomach because you don't want anything to be wrong with it, but once we got the x-rays everything was fine. ”
- Ryan Callahan
“ If I could play I'd be out there. But there's a big difference. It feels a lot better today than it did yesterday, so it's definitely progressing. It's just we don;t know how long it will take yet. ”
- Ryan Callahan

Rangers captain Ryan Callahan missed his first game of the 2011-12 season Thursday night in Carolina, instead watching from the press box on crutches and with his right foot in a walking boot---the result of taking an Ilya Kovalchuk snap shot off his arch in Monday's 2-0 Blueshirts victory.

During the first intermission of Thursday's game Callahan met with reporters to discuss his injury, and how soon he thinks he'll be able to return to the lineup.

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