PostGame Chatter

“ So far this season we have been up for the task (against the Flyers) and we like this challenge of playing a team that is really strong offensively because we have to be smart all the time and hard on the puck. I think so far we have made good decisions (against them) and hurt them that way. ”
- Henrik Lundqvist
“ We know they are big games against Philly, but we take it the same as any other division game, and not that we think we have some magic weapon that works against them. We have a great goalie, and a good team, and we have made big plays at big times. ”
- Brad Richards
“ I can't explain this success against (the Flyers). Maybe we put a little extra something to it. I don't know, can't really explain it. But we certainly have had a lot of success against these guys. ”
- Marian Gaborik

Saturday's 5-2 win over the Flyers was the Rangers' fifth in five tries this season, and after the game Henrik Lundqvist, Brad Richards, and Marian Gaborik took stabs at trying to explain why the Blueshirts have had such success so far against Philly this season.

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