#AskDuclair: High-Flying Rangers Prospect Answers Your Tweets

Rangers prospect Anthony Duclair is in the midst of an outstanding season with Quebec of the QMJHL--totaling 49 goals and 92 points already on the season--after being selected 80th overall by the Blueshirts in 2013.

On Tuesday he was good enough to answer questions from Rangers fans that had been submitted through the team's official Twitter account, @nyrangers, and did so in between practice and his classes up in Quebec.

Let's see what 18 year-old Anthony Duclair--@ADuclair10 on Twitter--had to say:


@MattFreifeld: What was the biggest change in your game this year compared to last year that led to your success? #AskDuclair

AD: I think confidence plays into it, and obviously being an older guy here in Junior hockey, having more experience. I think I am more of a leader this year, and I've taken on a bigger role, a more offensive role where I am the main guy for the team to lean on every game.


@stephennyr89: will you change your game at all when you play in the NHL? #AskDuclair

AD: Obviously I want to improve my defensive-zone play and become a complete player. I think I've improved on that this year. When I make it to the next level I'm confident my offensive game will work, but I want to work on being consistent every game and putting the effort in every night.


@MattHanzz: What was it like to play for a coach as firey and well-respected as Patrick Roy? #AskDuclair

AD: It was a great experience. I was really lucky to have him here for two years. He's obviously a passionate coach and obviously well-respected, and it was an honor to be coached by him. I learned a lot of important things from him, and I'm glad that he was a part of my career.


@j_dwyer94: what is the thing you are most excited about when you get to play for the NY Rangers? #AskDuclair

AD: The passion. Now that I am a part of the organization I watch the games more closely and I've seen the amazing fans they have and they care so much. I am really looking forward to playing at MSG, a sold-out building every night, it'll be something unreal and something that I'm looking forward to if I work hard and make it there.


@Sioux-per-man: if you had to compare yourself to a PRO player who would you pick? #AskDuclair

AD: A player that would play with a lot of passion, who's number one asset is their speed just like mine. Someone with a quick release who's not afraid to go in the corners and grind it sometimes, takes on whatever role is given to him. I think I play exactly that way.


@Milliner06: Do you have any pregame tradition or meal? #AskDuclair

AD: I'm not a guy who has rituals, it's more of a routine. I'm just going to have my pre-game nap and eat pasta every game day. It's a simple routine, nothing too crazy!