Rangers 5 - Avalanche 1: Points Per Game

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Rangers Unsung Hero


MATT: I have to go with the new dad, Marc Staal, here. He played last night's game on less than two hours of sleep and you really couldn't tell by his performance. He was left off the scoresheet but was a plus-3 in more than 21 minutes of ice time. Staal has been playing so well since his return to the lineup, and even more so over the last two weeks or so. He's contributing more offensively and is back to the shutdown defender he was prior to his most latest injury in December. Congratulations, Marc, on becoming a dad!


JIM: Again, several candidates for the Rangers Unsung Hero, not the least of which was Dominic Moore who I thought had another really effective game in just under 13 minutes of ice time, but I am with you, Marc Staal for sure is the Unsung Hero. Went to the hospital with wife Lindsay at 6:00 PM Monday and was up all night and morning for the birth of their first child before grabbing 1.5 hours of sleep in the late morning/early afternoon Tuesday. Then he shows up to The Garden and plays a rock solid game at both ends, standing out in particular by pairing with Ryan McDonagh for the entire 5-on-3 penalty kill late in the second period of what was then still a 3-1 game. It will be a day and night Marc Staal will always remember. Congrats Dad! Now get some sleep, because when that baby comes home, sleep will be in short order in the Staal household!