Rangers 4 - Islanders 1: Points Per Game

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The Balance Continues


MATT: I know I used this as a topic recently, but the balance continues for the Rangers Friday night at Madison Square Garden. The Blueshirts received goals from three different lines against the Islanders — three from centers, for whatever that's worth — as each unit continues to contribute. The Blueshirts have scored 13 goals over the last three games from 12 different scorers. Now that's balance. There are certainly players the Rangers would like get more from, but you can also look at it as when those players start to get going, the Rangers will be even more dangerous. But when the team is scoring — and winning — it doesn't matter much who is doing the scoring as long as the goals are coming. The Blueshirts also now have six players with more than 30 points.


JIM: Alain Vigneault has spoken quite a bit the past week or so about the balance of the Rangers lineup and how that has been a key to the team's success, which now sees a 14-5-1 record over the last 20 games. Twelve different goal scorers in three games, with only Mats Zuccarello having scored more than one, is impressive and shows balance and contributions from up and down the lineup. So deep have the Rangers been that their fourth liners have scored once in each of the last three games--three victories. Winning teams get contributions from up and down the lineup. Right now the Rangers are getting that kind of production and they have been a winning team.