Rangers 4 - Lightning 3: Points Per Game

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Rangers Unsung Hero


JIM: Several worthy candidates here, too, but I am going with the rookie Conor Allen as the Rangers Unsung Hero from Sunday's win in Tampa. Allen played nearly 16 minutes, and earned Alain Vigneault's faith so much that seven of those minutes came in the crucial third period as the Rangers clung to their lead against the Lightning. He was not perfect...there were a couple of times where he looked like a rookie, caught a bit flat-footed; but for the most part Allen was poised, made simple smart decisions, and did not hurt the Rangers at either end of the ice. He seemed confident joining the play offensively, and handled his own in the defensive end. A well-done NHL debut. Now let's see what's next for Conor Allen.

MATT: Can't argue here, either, as Allen looked like a veteran and not someone just a few months remove from playing college hockey. The thing that stood out most to me was Allen's confidence in joining the rush even in the first period where some defenders may have been hesitant to just keep it simple, but that doesn't seem like Allen's style. He said after the game that he trusted his instincts and what got him to this point, so really, why change anything? It's always fun to see these young players inserted into the lineup, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for Allen.