Coyotes 4 - Rangers 1: Points Per Game

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A Major Storyline


JIM: Though not a Rangers storyline, it's hard to ignore the fact that the fans in sold-out Arena were celebrating their team's new ownership---one that has basically saved the franchise and kept it in Arizona. There was an air of celebration on opening night with the new Coyotes' owners being introduced to the crowd and taking part in pre-game festivities, including the puck drop between Brad Richards and Phoenix captain Shane Doan. The spectre of losing one's favorite team to bankruptcy, disinterest, politics, and a constant threat of moving is a foreign issue to Rangers' fans, but to the 'Yotes faithful that has been a constant fear for years now. Good for fans, General Manager Don Maloney---a popular Rangers alum---and the Coyote players that all is settled now. That's a good team Phoenix has. Now there fans can actually relax and enjoy the ride.

MATT: While possibly not major in Thursday night's game, the biggest topic in the hockey world this week has been whether or not to eliminate fighting. While I can see both arguments, I don't want to see it removed solely for the fact of what Rick Nash showed last night. Sure, it's a dangerous aspect of the game and those who take part in it understand the risks, but what Nash did last night in fighting Martin Hanzal — not a known fighter either — really impressed me. After a difficult postseason and a lackluster preseason, the frustration may be there for Nash and he showed a fire by dropping the gloves and sticking up for his teammate, Derek Stepan. By removing that aspect of the game, we'd lose moments like that. While I'm sure many fans were holding their breaths during the fight hoping Nash escapred injury-free, you have to tip your hat to a star to wearing his emotion on his sleeve like Nash did.