Rangers 3- Flyers 2: Points Per Game

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Defense Aggressive All Night


MATT: My biggest observation from the night was the aggressiveness of the defensemen in the offensive zone. We saw them jumping into the rush, pinching and keeping pucks alive all night, which is something we didn’t see much over the last several seasons. On several plays, we even saw defensemen like Ryan McDonagh and Anton Stralman venture so deep they were battling for loose pucks just outside the crease. Alain Vigneault has stressed adding that dimension to the team's system, and it seems the players are responding quickly.

JIM: Good point, though I will take you one step further. I think the Rangers hounded the puck, and outmanned the Flyers on the puck, most of the night; and a big part of that is the defense coming up into the neutral zone quicker to create doubleteams on the surprised Flyers forwards. Alain Vigneault stated in camp the other day that one of the team's goals is too outnumber the opposition on the puck as often as possible this season, and last night we saw examples of that throughout the game.