Players Discuss Team, Themselves

“ It's disappointing with the expectations that we had on ourselves. ”
- Brian Boyle
“ Every year you come in, you want to make sure you bring your best foot forward. As a group, we really felt that we had the personnel to do it. ”
- Derek Stepan
“ I think the group we have is so competitive. We compete hard for each other and we're willing to battle. We want to be successful. It's unfortunate we weren't able to come out on top. ”
- Ryan McDonagh
“ I think we have a really good team, the same group of guys. I think we learned a lot from our loss against Boston, and we just need to bring it next year. ”
- Derick Brassard

The Rangers met with the media for the final time in the 2013 season, which came to a close Monday at the team's Breakup Day in Westchester. The feeling among the players was this season did not live up to many expectations, including those put on it by the players themselves.

Throughout Monday, players spoke about the disappointment they felt this season, but also the excitement about next year, as many players are expected to return to Broadway for the 2013-14 season.

Check out what the players had to say on Monday, then give your thoughts below.