Quotes of the Week (April 1-7)

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"It's pretty unique to put three guys together and make it work. I was screaming for it back-door and [Brassard] made a great play. I was hoping he had seen me and he did. I probably screamed at him a few times when he was in Columbus and I was with San Jose. He probably knew me." - Ryane Clowe

Going into Wednesday night's game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, no one really knew what to expect from 'the new guys.' So it was safe to say that when things started flowing on the power play, the Garden Faithful could not have been more pleasantly surprised. Brassard would hit Clowe with a behind-the-back pass that stretched the Rangers lead to 4-1 in the second period on a play that was so well-executed that it is hard to believe the two guys had never played together before. 
When asked about the goal, Clowe indicated previous on-ice rivalries between himself and Brassard, both former Western Conference opponents, may have helped them. It is this prior interaction that, Clowe said, allowed Brassard to recognize his voice when calling for the puck in the slot.