Memorable Line Nicknames in NYR History

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The Bulldog Line


This line from the 1970s featuring Dave Balon — and later Steve Vickers — with Walt Tkaczuk and Bill Fairbairn, was known to Rangers as the 'Bulldog Line' for their determination and grit. Their style complemented the team's "G-A-G" line perfectly, which at the time was the team's top line. The moniker was given to them after head coach Emile Francis said the original threesome played "like bulldogs." The trio's powerful play won the hearts of the Garden faithful. 

Balon was traded by the Rangers in 1971, at which time Vickers joined Tkaczuk and Fairbair to continue the Bulldog Line. That trio was known for their physical presence and penalty killing. 

All four players were homegrown Rangers, with both Tkaczuk and Vickers spending their entire careers with the Rangers. 

Photo: Balon/Fairbair