Rangers Seek First Win In Bruins Rematch

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Players To Watch


Rangers-Henrik Lundqvist: The reigning Vezina Trophy winner is known for his incredible intensity and focus on game day. So imagine how that will be ratcheted up Wednesday what with The King coming off a Rangers home opener in which he was pulled before the contest was even half over on Sunday. So very rarely has Lundqvist slumped for stretches of his career, mainly because one mediocre start is often followed by a stellar one---such is the competitive battle within him. One would imagine that to be the case again on Wednesday as Lundqvist looks to bounce back after surrendering four goals on 18 shots to the Penguins---and seven goals in just 4 1/2 periods of play so far this season. Expect his teammates to provide more defensive supprt, as well. As John Tortorella pointed out Sunday, he removed Lundqvist from the game not so much because The King was playing so poorly, but more so because the rest of the team was doing such a lousy job in front of him.


Bruins-Zdeno Chara: Boston's hulking captain has the nightly chore of facing the top line of every one of the Bruins' opponents. That will again be the case Wednesday night against the Rangers, though the twist is that Chara and defense partner Dennis Seidenberg may really have their hands full if John Tortorella opts to load up his No. 1 line with All Stars Rick Nash, Brad  Richards, and Marian Gaborik, as the team practiced with on Tuesday. If that is the case, Chara won't just be worried about battling for every inch of the ice with Nash---as he did last Saturday in Boston---he will have to also be aware of the fleet-footed and deceptive Gaborik, as well as the slick-passing Richards, who would have two tasty options to dish to in Nash and Gaborik. Chara is one of the best in the game at what he does. The Rangers will be looking to make it that much more difficult a night for him if they do indeed use Nash, Richards, and Gaborik on the same forward line combination.