Larouche Will Always Be A Ranger

“ Once you put the Blueshirt on once, you are always a Blueshirt. People here remember you always. ”
- Pierre Larouche
“ I remember being on some Ranger teams thinking "Imagine what it would be like if we won here?" When we reached the semis in '86 fans were delirious. They were just amazing and so supportive. ”
- Pierre Larouche
“ I was still living in New York when the Rangers won (the Stanley Cup) in 1994, and I was really, really happy for the fans and everyone in the organization. It was just great to watch. ”
- Pierre Larouche

Even though he played for four different NHL teams, and currently works for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pierre Larouche will always remember his five years on Broadway with the Rangers fondly.

Recently he told Jim Cerny from what being a Ranger has meant to him over the years.

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