Mike On Mike: Hudson Talks Keenan

“ Mike was so temperamental. You just never knew which Mike Keenan was going to walk into the dressing room after a game. ”
- Mike Hudson
“ Mike treated everyone the same...he was very fair that way. He got into it with (Mark Messier), he got into it with (Brian Leetch). He didn't favor anyone, which as a role player I appreciated. ”
- Mike Hudson
“ It was a volcanic experience playing for Mike Keenan. You never knew if he was dormant or whether he would explode! But he brought out the best in me and others. He certainly did not coddle us, but he made us better. ”
- Mike Hudson

When it comes to the topic of Mike Keenan, former Rangers forward Mike Hudson can be considered somewhat of an expert. Hudson played six seasons, with three different teams (the Blackhawks, Rangers, and Blues), under Keenan. He had his best year playing for Keenan in Chicago in 1991-92 when he notched 14 goals and totaled 29 points, and together the two reached a pair of Stanley Cup Finals---losing in 1992 to the Penguins as members of the Blackhawks, and winning in 1994 with the Blueshirts.

Recently Hudson discussed the type of coach Mike Keenan was with BlueshirtsUnited.com's Jim Cerny.

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