"Just A Perfect Recipe"

“ "It's tough to see teammates I have played with for three years, and you've become friends with, go, but bringing in a player like Rick Nash, an elite player, is only going to help us to our ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup. ”
- Michael Del Zotto
“ We came so close last year, and now adding another elite piece, management obviously knew what we needed and addressed it with Nash. So having their support, coupled with how hard we work every day and how much we want a championship, is just a perfect recipe. ”
- Michael Del Zotto
“ We are going to welcome Rick Nash into our family and hope that this trade continues to take us in the right direction. Obviously having a guy who can make plays like him only makes us a more lethal team. ”
- Michael Del Zotto
“ (The contract) is going to happen, it's just something out of my control. I did my job this past year in trying to help the team win. Management and my agent are working things out. I love New York and understand the business side of things, too. ”
- Michael Del Zotto

Rangers defensemen skated off the ice after he finished his workout back home in Ontario yesterday, and when he reached his cell phone it contained more than 20 text messages---every single one of them informing him the Rangers had just made a major trade, acquiring Rick Nash from Columbus.

So what did Del Zotto do to confirm that, indeed, Nash was his new teammate?

"Everyone was asking if I heard anything about a big trade, and I hadn't heard anything" Del Zotto said on Tuesday. "So I did what any person would do now and go straight to the Twitter world! And that's where I saw the deal had been made!"

BlueshirtsUnited.com caught up with Del Zotto for an exclusive chat about the big Rick Nash trade, as well as his own contract negotiations---which he feels very positive about---with the Rangers.

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