Happy Fathers Day!

“ (My father) has always taken the positive approach in life. He has the best positive outlook. Sure he has some bad days, that's natural, but his good days far outweigh the bad. And he's always had that approach with us kids. ”
- Ryan McDonagh
“ We talk nearly every day. Whether it's through the good or the bad, he's always there for me. Sometimes he's there with a pat on the back, and sometimes it's some tough love when it's needed, but he's always been there for me. ”
- Michael Del Zotto
“ With my Dad, it was always about me first. He and my Mom really didn't care what they had going on, it was about me and my hockey and my baseball that mattered most. he always was there to help with my teams or just to play with me in the driveway. ”
- Dan Girardi

New York Rangers players are no different from people in other less-glamorous walks of life: they wish to show their appreciation to their dads on Fathers Day for helping get them to where they are today.

This week BlueshirtsUnited.com caught up with three Blueshirts defensemen---Ryan McDonagh (whose father Sean is pictured with the Empire State Building in the background), Michael Del Zotto, and Dan Girardi---to discuss their fathers.

See what Mac Truck, MDZ, and Danny G had to say about their dads, then share special memories of your Rangers-loving father below.