Game Four Chatter

“ It's tough. We have a chance to move up two games in the series and really take hold of it, and we don't take advantage of that. It's our start. We have to be better at the start of the game. ”
- Ryan Callahan
“ It's us. It's all about us. They're a good team, they start well and they come hard at us, but it's a matter of what we do in here. It's about us, not about the other team. ”
- Ryan Callahan
“ It's pretty simple. Both teams don't like each other, and we're both just trying to play hard and get wins. ”
- Dan Girardi
“ It was a struggle for a number of our guys, but we have to move by it. We have to have a short-term memory. I thought we got some traction as the game wore on, but we're still not making a big offensive play when we need to. ”
- John Tortorella

It was a tough loss for the Rangers in Game 4 at The Prudential Center Monday night, and afterwards Ryan Callahan, Dan Girardi, and head coach John Tortorella were there to assess the defeat.

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