Arlington Trip Provides "Perspective"

“ We worry about winning and losing and we put our hearts and souls into it, and it means a lot to us, but it does put things into perspective when you see all those gravestones as far as you could see--all the lives that have been laid down for us. ”
- Brian Boyle
“ Not a lot of words said when we were at the cemetery. We just kind of took it all in. We really didn't know what to say to each other, but it was impressive, for sure. ”
- Brian Boyle
“ That was quite a scene. You talk about the war and the battle it was (in Game 3), then you go out and see something like that, it really hits home for you. ”
- Ryan McDonagh
“ We shouldn't compare what we do (in hockey) to what (the soldiers) do. I've even tried to change my language in the locker room because I think it's wrong (to compare to war). That's a whole different realm. (The military) casts a whole different shadow over us and what we do. ”
- John Tortorella

The afternoon after playing a game that was often referred to as a "war" or as a "battle"---the triple overtime affair in Game 3 on Wednesday---several Rangers took a private tour of the Arlington National Cemetery, with the players emerging with a different perspective on teh reality of their hockey playing experience.

See what Brian Boyle, Ryan McDonagh, and John Tortorella had to say about the trip today, then share your thoughts below.