"He Deserves A Lot Of Credit"

“ (Gaborik) just continues to try and be a better player. He's a pro. He was not happy with his year (last season), and he was not happy with people questioning him. And from Day One of camp (this year) right on through he's been ready. He has grown mentally, and he deserves a lot of credit. ”
- John Tortorella
“ It feels good to stay on the ice and play this amount of games. We have a very balanced team so the (scoring) pressure spreads out throughout the whole team, and a very good supporting cast out there. I feel really good (to contribute) and want to keep it up. ”
- Marian Gaborik
“ Everyone has to buy into this system in order to be successful, and we all have, including myself. We have created our identity by buying into this system, and everyone plays hard, everyone plays defense, everyone contributes. It's not just all about goals. ”
- Marian Gaborik

Last season was one that Marian Gaborik was far from happy with. He missed 20 games due to injury and was limited to only 22 goals and 48 points. A five-game first-round playoff ouster at the hands of the Capitals put the finishing touches on a season Gaborik had no interest in repeating 2011-12.

Using last season as motivation, Gaborik has played in all 78 games so far this season, amassing 39 goals and 73 points to date. He leads the Rangers---and ranks third in the NHL---in goals scored, while ranking 13th in the league's scoring race, leading the Rangers in that category, too.

And perhaps most importantly, Gaborik has bought into John Tortorella's defense-first system and blue-collar work ethic, helping set the lead for his teammates to follow.

Saturday morning BlueshirtsUnited.com caught up with both Gaborik and Tortorella to discuss Gaby's All Star season this year.

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