Torts Plans To Be Fan Of Stars

Rangers head coach John Tortorella, who will co-coach the Team Alfredsson entry in the NHL All Star Game along with San Jose's Todd McClellan this weekend in Ottawa, said at Friday's media day that he doesn't plan to do much coaching of his team at all during Sunday's contest.

"I really believe this should be about the players and letting them express themselves," explained Tortorella. "Todd and I will just stay out of the way. We are going to let (team captains Daniel Alfredsson and Henrik Lundqvist) make all the decisions. They can make the lines, decide who plays with who. And same goes for the skills competition, they will decide who does what. I don't even know what the different skills events are. I am just going to be a fan (this weekend)."

Tortorella earned the right to take part in the 2012 All Star Game because the Rangers are currently the top team in the Eastern Conference. It is a fact that is not quickly lost on him.

"It's an honor to be here," stated Tortorella, whose Rangers are 31-12-4 at the break. "But it isn't about me. I am standing here as part of an organization that has stepped up for half a year. It's an honor to represent the New York Rangers organization. This is about (the players) and their accomplishments, and I am just proud to be a part of it."

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