Richards Sits Out Practice

Rangers center Brad Richards did not take part in practice Friday afternoon due to a sore neck, but the club's alternate captain said that he expects to play in Saturday's important contest against the Bruins up in Boston.

Richards was hurt during Thursday's 4-1 loss to the Penguins when he was taken down behind the play on an apparanet slew-foot by Pittsburgh's Matt Cooke, which went unpenalized by the referees.

"He just came up beside me, from behind, and slew-footed me," Richards said of Cooke. "I don’t know what the definition of slew-foot is, but that’s a slew-foot. I’ve played enough games to know what a slew-foot is. I can't remember if I banged my head. I just snapped my head pretty good."

Cooke did not receive any supplementary discipline from the league on Friday.

"It's a tough job for the league to monitor all those plays," explained Richards. "He came up beside me and slew-footed me. It's a cheap play. It's not like it's the first time he's ever done it."

Richards, who missed ten games last season due to a concussion, said that he did not have any concussion-related symptoms today and that the team's training staff held him off the ice as a precaution "to let it settle".

Rangers head coach John Tortorella declined to discuss the play in question, but he did add that Richards "is fine" and should be able to play against the Bruins.

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