Rangers star sniper Marian Gaborik has in New York this week, meeting with doctors regarding his surgically-repaired shoulder. And while in town Gaborik fielded questions submitted by fans through the Rangers official Twitter site, @thenyrangers, using the hashtag #AskGaby.

See what Marian Gaborik had to say on a wide variety of topics, and don't forget to follow Gaby on Twitter, @MGaborik10.

Question from @BR19MG10: Hey Marian! How are you feeling and what do you think of the moves the team has made this summer?

Marian Gaborik: I am feeling good, thank you for asking! I am where I am supposed to be and am happy with my progress. I am excited about the moves we have made and am really looking forward to having (Rick Nash) on the team. He's a great scorer and his addition is really big for us.

Question from @GMezzatesta: Gaby, how many languages do you speak?

Marian Gaborik: Let's see, I speak English, obviously my own---Slovak, Czech---which is pretty much similar to Slovak, a little bit of German, and a little bit of Russian.

Question from @ChrisPientak: What feelings/emotions did you go through/feel when you scored that triple OT goal against Washington?

Marian Gaborik: It was unbelievable! It was a long overtime, and then all of a sudden it's over, so for a second I'm like Wait, what just happened?! But it was an unbelievable feeling to get us that win. We had played basically two games, it takes a lot out of your legs and your body, so it was just unbelievable feeling to win it!

Question from @BStelm: What sports would you play if not for hockey?

Marian Gaborik: I really like motor sports, car racing. I like track and field, and I was a soccer goalie, too!

Question from @ChrisPientak: What is your favorite warm-up music?

Marian Gaborik: We have a playlist (on Ipod) where everyone has their songs. I like dance or techno music before the game to kind of get me going!

Question from @TheTylerGutz: What is your favorite part of living in the city?

Marian Gaborik: It's just the vibe and the energy. I love that. It's fast, with so much energy, and you have all kinds of entertainment, great restaurants. You can walk around and watch people. The energy is just tremendous.

Question from @stefaniealva: I share your pride for the number 10. Why did you pick it?

Marian Gaborik: When I came to Minnesota at 18 years old, to training camp, No. 10 was hanging in my stall, so I've just kept it over the years. There's no great story to me choosing it, sorry!

Question from @reesayspieces: When traveling during the season do you have a certain pattern or ritual you stick to?

Marian Gaborik: The night before a game I might go for dinner with the boys, then head back to the room and take an epsom salt bath for half and hour and then do some stretching, and then just order a movie or watch some TV. Not so exciting, but it works for me!

Question from @61Nash: What do you think of Henrik Lundqvist as a goalie?

Marian Gaborik: His play speaks for itself. He won the Vezina (Trophy), and he's the best goalie in the world, I think. As a team we have a lot of confidence playing in front of him. He's definitely the core of this team.

Question from @nyyfan1225: Who is the fastest skater on the team: you, Hagelin, or Kreider?

Marian Gaborik: Those two guys are very fast. I mean you could put the two of them together. I don't know about myself. I guess we'd have to have a race, but I think it would be a great race between those two to decide who is the fastest.

Question from @marxse: What summer Olympic event is ur fave?

Marian Gaborik: I have been watching the Olympics a lot. I have been watching the swimming, and a lot of the track and field. I really enjoyed those competitions. And I also watched the tennis a little bit.

Question from @GirardiGod: Who's the funniest player to be around on non-game days?

Marian Gaborik: Brian Boyle is pretty funny. So is Danny Girardi. I'd say those two are at the top of the list.

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