"Confident" Gaborik Feeling Good

Two months after undergoing shoulder surgery in New York, Rangers 40-goal sniper Marian Gaborik is back in town to visit with team doctors and get their take on the progress he is making in rehabbing the shoulder. And when he spoke with BlueshirtsUnited.com's Jim Cerny exclusively on Tuesday, Gaborik was upbeat about that progress.

"I feel good," said Gaborik, who will continue his rehab back home in Slovakia at the end of this week-long stay in New York. "I have been working hard in terms of rehab. Things are going as they should be, so I am happy with the progress."

Gaborik injured the shoulder early in the playoffs after being checked hard into the back boards in Ottawa during the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. He did not miss a single game during the post-season despite the severity of the injury, and finished with five goals, six assists, and 11 points in 20 games.

After the Rangers were eliminated by the Devils just two wins shy of a Stanley Cup Finals appearance, Gaborik underwent surgery to repair his damaged shoulder.

"I have been on the bike quite a lot (since the surgery)," Gaborik said of his off-season workouts this summer. "Now I am starting to work more with my body in terms of weights---wearing a weight vest, doing some squats with my body weight. I am trying to do a lot of core stuff. It's going forward, so I'm going to be able to do more and more stuff."

This isn't the first time in his career that Gaborik has had to rehab from major surgery, though it is the first time he will be working his way back from a shoulder injury. The three-time 40-goal scorer says having come back from prior injuries and surgeries provides him a level of comfort this summer.

"As you get older you have some experiences going through some other surgeries, so it helps having had that experience," explained Gaborik. "In this case I am confident I am going to get well, and I am happy with the progress. The past experiences help, for sure."

Certainly one thing that has helped brighten Gaborik's spirits this summer is the Rangers acquisition of Rick Nash, another big-time goal scorer to complement Gaby, the 2012 NHL All Star Game MVP.

"Obviously (Rick Nash) is a big addition," offered Gaborik. "He's going to be a big help to us. He's a proven scorer, one of the top players in the league, and he's going to be a big addition to our team, a big help. I am excited to have him."

Gaborik went on to further explain why Nash will be such a big help to him, personally, and to the team, collectively.

"The opposition now has to watch more guys," explained Gaborik, who has scored 105 goals in three seasons wearing the Blueshirt. "They have to decide who to put their top D-pair against. So to have that kind of balance on our team, the pressure spreads throughout the team in terms of scoring. He is going to help that way, for sure. We're going to have more power offensively, and that's big for us."

Those thoughts help push Gaborik through his rehab and workout sessions this summer, though he also remains committed to a "one day at a time" philosophy in making sure he is 100% healthy when he returns to the Rangers for the 2012-13 season.

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