Rangers forward Mike Rupp became the latest Blueshirt to sit down and answer questions from fans submitted to the team's official Twitter, @thenyrangers, using the hashtag #AskRupp.

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Question from @RHamm09: What other sports teams are you a fan of?


Mike Rupp: I am a big Cleveland fan---an Indians fan, a Brown fan, and a Cavs fan. And my National League team in baseball is the Pirates.


Question from @TheTylerGutz: What's your major superstition?


Mike Rupp: I don't have any. I used to have a bunch, but it became counter productive because if I missed out on one of them then I felt all out of sorts, so I've made it a point to not have any now.


Question from @RangersFan41: How much of your off-season workout is yours, and how much is given in detail from the Rangers staff?


Mike Rupp: After you've played for a while you find what works best for you, but we have a great strength coach in New York (Reg Grant) and I have talked with him a couple times already this summer with a few questions. This summer is a little different for me because I am trying to rehab a (knee) injury. But it's the kind of thing every summer where you try and work through with what you are comfortable with and what the team suggests. I think the last five years I have changed my off-season workouts to focus more on edurance.


Question from @brijon24: What is it like to mentor this group of guys, and what type of environment do you expect in the room this year?


Mike Rupp: It's fun to get to that point in your career where you're looked at as someone to help guide others. It's a fun position to be in. But at the same time we have a great group of guys here who are very mature at taking on the obstacles of an NHL season. Our locker room is full of jokesters, and a glimpse at "24/7" shows you how immature we are! But when it's time for business we take care of it.


Question from @NYCKing: What was it like to play in Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Ballpark and score a goal (Rupper actually scored two goals that day!)?


Mike Rupp: It's fun. It just feels really unique to play outside like that, and just the different things you feel as a player during a game are different there (outside). It just feels fun to be a part of it and know that everyone's watching. There aren't too many stages like that.


Question from @mguttierez26: Are you going back to No. 17 this season?


Mike Rupp: Yeah, I think so. That's a number that's been with me for a while and I really enjoy that number, so hopefully if I can get it then another little part of me being entrenched here is in place!


Question from @mattandcheeze: What do you like to do in NYC when you're not playing hockey?


Mike Rupp: I like to take the kids and go into the city. There are so manyy things that the kids enjoy like going to see a show. My kids enjoy the city, and it's a unique place to be able to play and live, and we just try and get in there as much as we can.


Question from @jenconnic: How did the bag-carrying challenge start? And what is your record for most bags carried?


Mike Rupp: It started one day when I was walking up the stairs from the garage into the house and was trying to make as few trips as I could, and I had my hands full, the door was closed, and I was really in an awkward spot. I was just standing there like an idiot and had to put all the bags down to open the door, so I just posted it on Twitter and that's how it started. (My record) is 23 bags last week, but I didn't get a picture so it doesn't count!


Questions from @cgio10: If you could participate in one Summer Ollympic sport, what would it be?


Mike Rupp: I wish I could swim like (the Olympic swimmers). That would be pretty cool. Plus I know what kind of shape those guys are in and I know what it takes to get like that.


Question from @mfaith19: How does it feel reuniting with your old teammate Arron Asham again?


Mike Rupp: He was my first NHL fight and I have probably fought him the most of anyone in the NHL. After we starte dto play together, I really respected the guy and the way he does his thing. I like him. He's a funny guy, and the kind of guy who the others in the room really like. And on the ice I like playing with him. Ash is the kind of guy that doesn;t need to take the safe route, he'll be looking to make a play, which you don't always get on the fourth line.


Question from @xoxogossipgwen: How does your family feel about you fighting?


Mike Rupp: I think they kind of get used to it by now. The kids obviously see it, but I don't really like them seeing it too much. But it is something they realize is part of the game, and has never really been an issue.


Question from @MrJacobJansson: What is your fave movie of all time?


Mike Rupp: I don't know, that's a tough one. Plus I have some really dumb ones up there, too! But I'll go on a serious note and say "Glory".


Question from @jessferrar: What inspired you to be a hockey player?


Mike Rupp: My neighbor growing up played hockey and w eused to play in his driveway with tennis balls. So that's how I started to play, then asked my mom and dad to sign me up and they did. And at a young age when you realize you are good at something it's all you want to do. And I fell in love with it, went from there.


Question from @L-Basileo: What is your opinion on the trade for Rick Nash?


Mike Rupp: Any time a team adds a player of that caliber that can score the way he scores, it's going to help that hockey team. And that's something we needed to shore up in our game, we needed a little more punch in our offensive game, and that's what he brings. He's going to help us. And with all of our weapons now there are only so many guys you can check, someone has to be open.


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