Last week Brian Boyle paid a visit to the MSG Training Center to work with the kids at the Rangers Summer Youth Hockey Camp, and while there he also took time to answer questions submitted by the Blueshirts Faithful to the team's official Twitter account, @thenyrangers.

As you will see, there were serious questions and answers, and, well, ones that were not so serious!

Enjoy learning more about one of the Rangers most popular players, Brian Boyle! #AskBoyler

Question from @Milky_Joe2158: Why did you pick number 22?


Brian Boyle: It's funny, it was given to me in both LA and New York, so I have kind of embraced it now. But it's cool because my dad wore number two, even though he was a goalie. I always liked 19, and I wore 10 in college, but I have grown to love 22.


Question from @vickyykath: Who's gonna lay out your game day outfits now that (Brandon Prust) is not there?


Brian Boyle: I don't know how that myth began, maybe because of "24/7". I have the outfits, I just like a second opinion, I guess! So I have to find someone to give me that second opinion now.


Question from @yankeespride28: what's ur fave city to play on the road? and why? 


Brian Boyle: I'll go with Boston because I can see my family. But other than that the Canadian cities are pretty cool because you go up there and it's so loud and you can see how passionate the fans are, just like our fans at The Garden.


Question from @Awiz35: Who is going to be your new roommate now that Brandon
Prust is gone?


Brian Boyle: I guess we'll do tryouts next fall. There will be a lot of different criteria I'll have to evaluate with each candidate!


Question from @Saint_92: After seeing how close you guys came to the Cup last year,
how confident do you feel about this season?


Brian Boyle: Well we certainly understand the challenge. Other teams are getting better, and we're trying to get better, too. It's a big, big challenge to maintain a high level of play throughout the season and a higher level in the playoffs, but we're confident as a group and we like our team.


Question from @trickyniki17: What's the most exciting this you've done this off-season? And have you seen any other Rangers players this summer?


Brian Boyle: I actually went down to Brandon Dubinsky's wedding about a month ago and saw Derek (Stepan) and Mac Truck (Ryan McDonagh), and we had a lot of fun. I just spend a lot of time with my family, kind of relaxing quite a bit.


Question from @stefaniealva: Are you interviewing for the open secret handshake position? I'm available...


Brian Boyle: That's just something you have to come up with organically! You can't force things like that.


Question from @heyitskatie_xo: Growing up, who was your favorite player to watch?


Brian Boyle: I want to go with Cam Neely, but the more I think I'd have to say Peter Forsberg. He was tough, strong, and he could pretty much do everything when he was healthy. 


Question from @BroskieNation: What's harder, battling for a loose puck in the corner or battling w/ur brothers and sisters for bathroom time as a kid?


Brian Boyle: That's a tough question! Probably bathroom time ... lol ... there were so many of us, and I was far from the first one to wake up in the morning, and I'm a little bit of a grouch in the morning, so I was probably the last one to get into that bathroom and there wasn't very much hot water left, if any!


Question from @thoughtsfromnj: "Happy Gilmore" or "Billy Madison"?


Brian Boyle: Wow, that's a tough one. They're very close, but I'd go "Happy Gilmore".


Question from @plaidshirtbro: I just want to know what your favorite movie is?


Brian Boyle: I'd have to say "Forrest Gump". When it's on TV I will watch it to the end every time. I just think it's so interesting...it's funny and it's sad...it's got everything. I love it!


Question from @druryfansince89: What kind of advice have you given your little brother since he was drafted?


Brian Boyle: Well he was drafted by the Senators, so he hasn't been answering my phone calls since I haven't been so nice to him about that! Seriously, I have just told him to be as prepared as he can, that's the best thing you can do.


Question from @FLTX1991: What are some of your favorite things to do in your non-hockey time off?


Brian Boyle: I like to hang out with my family, spend time with my buddies. Go out or stay in, I'm easy going.


Question from @ireniebeanie13: Is there anyone on the team right now that you look up to as a mentor or as a leader?


Brian Boyle: Yeah, there are a few guys. I think (Ryan Callahan) and (Brad Richards) are huge, the way they lead and the way they handle themselves through all the ups and downs, despite all the different things that go on in their lives---like how in the middle of the playoffs Cally and his wife had their daughter born, and he just remained a great leader, never wavered from that. Then there's (Henrik Lundqvist) and lots of other guys you can look to. We all try and help one another, but those guys are great guys to look up to.


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